About #EngChatUK

Welcome to #EngChatUK.
This is a new project born at the outset of 2013 out of a desire for a forum in which to chat about English teaching. Coming at the same time as #GeoEdChat (with four different time zones collaborating) and PEGeeks (with their rousing call #TogetherWeAreStronger), EngchatUK is part of an increasing population of collaborative teachers using Twitter.
The hope is that in sharing ideas, tips, experience and enthusiasm, our teaching will benefit. Topics will be discussed on Mondays at 8pm. The aim is to alternate chat between #EngChatUK and #literacychat, in response to two slightly different groups/needs identified in the early days of conception (twins?).
In the words of @XjuliesmithX:
“Our subject is more than merely a ‘subject’. It is fundamental to all aspects of the curriculum. Without it, it is impossible to gain knowledge; the life chances of our students depend on their mastery of it. Moreover, we love teaching it…we have the opportunity to instil in our students a passion for language and literature, to introduce our students to new worlds through reading and to give them the tools to craft their thoughts into the written word.”
The aim of EngChatUK is collaboration and creativity.

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